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Frequently asked questions
Q: How do d-skin Protective Disc Skins work?
A: d_skin Protective Disc Skins are a combination of the latest developments in micro-resin engineering and hi-tech manufacturing. The worldwide patented laser transparent film and micro-engineered outer ring technology are breakthroughs in disc protection. The ultra-thin d-skin forms a protective barrier around your discs that render them nearly impervious to scratches and the cruelties of an active life. The outer ring is securely fused to the laser transparent skin to keep the it firmly attached to your discs at all times, even while they play.

Q: Did you say this stays on while you play the disc?
A: Yes! The d skin is so thin that discs can be read right through them. No distortion, no skipping, no problems. Should the skin get scratched just throw it away and put a new one on.

Q: Does it affect the way the way the discs play?
A: No. Discs store data digitally and the laser transparent d-skin� of the does not alter the quality. Digital information is either on or off, the quality remains perfect.

Q: Can a d_skin get scratched? If so, then what?
A: Yes, the d_skin itself can get scratched, but your disc has been protected. Just toss away the scratched d-skin and snap on a fresh one.

Q: What products will the d_skin work on?
A: d_skin works on Playstation, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox360, Nintendo wii, computer games, DVDs, music CDs and data CDs.

Q: How do you apply a d_skin Protective Disc Skin?
A: First, wipe the surface of the disc from dust and marks. Place the edge of the disc under the readable side (shiny side without the label) against the d-skin. Snap all 8 tabs securely in place.

Q: I’ve put it on my disc and it now my disc doesn’t work, what now?
A: Remove the skin and clean your disc. Replace the d-kin and ensure that all 8 tabs are securely in place.

Q: Can you reuse d_skin
A: The d-skin is designed to be left on discs at all times. It is possible to remove and attach to other discs, however, repeatedly doing so may result in a breakage of the skin.

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